How to Sign Up For Gmail Without Phone Verification
How to Sign Up For Gmail Without Phone Verification
Jason Jason Photo By Jason Jason, Jan 10, 2017

I'm a web developer who is often working on many tasks for several different businesses every day. I couldn't tell you how many email addresses I have, but each email address fills a specific purpose. Each time I'm involved in creating a new business email address, I try to get an accompanying gmail address just because it helps down the road if I ever want to have a YouTube channel or a Google Voice phone number. For example, I might have just created which may be used for email because it's more credible coming from a company-branded email address, but I'd still register for use with all the Google services (like YouTube).

Recently, as I was trying to create another gmail address for a new business, Google asked me to verify my phone number. When I supplied my cell phone number, it said that I had used it too many times for verify gmail accounts and required that I use another phone number to verify. So I tried putting in another one of my Google Voice phone numbers or Magic Jack phone numbers. Google doesn't allow either of those types of numbers to verify a gmail Account. What could I do?

I tried googling to find out what I could do to verify my new gmail address without the need of a new cell phone number, and most of the suggestions don't seem to work anymore, or at least they don't work in my situation. I really want to use gmail instead of the other free email accounts simply because gmail is the best and they seemlessly hook into the other Google services. So again, what could I do?

The Answer - Sign Up on Your Phone

The answer I came up with is really simple - just signup for a new gmail account on your phone's internet browser. In my case on an iPhone, I used Safari to sign up for a new gmail account and it didn't ask to verify my new account via a phone number. Problem solved. Thank you, Google.

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