Improving SEO for Baker Street Systems
Improving SEO for Baker Street Systems
Jason Jason Photo By Jason Jason, Feb 25, 2016

Over the past week, I've been educating myself on what exactly search engine optimization (SEO) is and how best to apply the SEO principles so that search engines, such as Google, will rank my websites better. I can put together some pretty spectacular websites, but it doesn't matter one bit if nobody can find them!

So I've decided to do a little experiment with this very website. I'd like to increase the SEO and credibility of Baker Street Systems. I'll be updating this blog post with regular updates so we can see how this website's credibility changes over time. Hopefully we will see a positive bump!

So with no further ado, here we go with the baseline scores

SEO Scores from Feb 23, 2016

Moz SEO Score Moz SEO Score

Seo Site Checkup SEO Score Seo Site Checkup SEO Score

Woorank SEO Score Woorank SEO Score

It's pretty clear I have some SEO work to do.

Update from Feb 24, 2016

I've decided that is pretty cool! Of course, each of the three websites I'm using are pretty cool, but the thing I like about Seo Site Check is that you can run the checkup as many times as you'd like while you're making changes to your website. So today I spent a little bit of time trying to address each one of the failed checks from Seo Site Check. In the end, I got the Baker Street Systems site to pass all but one of the checks. The one check that this website fails is for having more than 20 http requests. But in order to fix this, I'd have to spend a lot of time converting all my images into a sprites, which basically means combining all my images into one big picture and then using css to display only the part of the big picture. If Baker Street Systems ends up getting millions of hits per day, maybe I'll come back to this and optimize all the http requests, but for now, I'm happy enough knowing that each file is cached both on the server and locally in the browser.

Seo Site Checkup's Only Derogatory Mark

Seo Site Checkup's Only Derogatory Mark

Here is Seo Site Checkup's evaluation of Baker Street Systems now, a solid 97 out of 100:

Seo Site Checkup Score

Update from Aug 23, 2016

I've been trying to post content every now and then that will be of some use to someone, even if it's only for me at some point in the future if I ever have to come back to a project. But the added benefit is that it does seem to help with SEO as well. My site's credibility has gone up in just the last few months!

Moz Credibility Score for Baker Street Systems

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