New Tool: What's Nearby
New Tool: What's Nearby
Jason Jason Photo By Jason Jason, Sep 08, 2016

Since I've been spending a little bit of time learning all I can about SEO, I've come to understand how important it is for local listings to have specific local keywords. For example, Utah Projectors ranks well for "projector rental orem", but it could be much better for "projector rental pleasant grove" even though the city of Pleasant Grove is just a few miles away from Orem. That's because the term "pleasant grove" isn't anywhere to be found on my website!

To help cover all my bases, with geographical seo stuff, I created a tool that will help you find all the cities/states/zip codes nearby. This small app was written in PHP with the Laravel framework. All you have to do is enter an address and the search radius, and the app will return all the unique places nearby.

Try It: What's Nearby

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